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Tourist-Info Schoeneck
“Kammloipe” - a paradise for cross-country skier
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“Kammloipe” - a paradise for cross-country skier

Schöneck is the starting point of the well known "Kammloipe", which leads on a 36 kilometre mountain crest to Johanngeorgenstadt. The "Kammloipe" runs through the nature park "Erzgebirge / Vogtland" and is one of the longest, nicest and with a high snow guarantee cross-country trail Germanys. A tour on the "Kammloipe" has its special charm, well known skiing resorts, thick woods and the mountain crest's hight and width ensure an unforgettable skiing experience. Because the ridge is hardly subdivided, unskilled cross-country skier can use the "Kammloipe" as well. The numerous connections to other cross-country trails create a net of almost 100 kilometres.

Partly the "Kammloipe" leads directly along the German-Czech border. At many entrances you will find parking spaces, cross-country trail houses, ski hire services and service points. The well preserved track and the marvellous winter scenery guarantee a special kind of sport experience. Along the way you will pass diverse sections with easy downhill skiing, gradients and passages to relax. Numerous tourist and local culinary offers along the "Kammloipe" invite you to stop and eat a bite.

The "Kammloipe" leads from Schöneck to Kottenheide, to the "Schneckenstein" rock, to Mühlleithen and Carlsfeld till Johanngeorgenstadt, offering an inforgettable experience of winter nature and hospitable people.

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Titel: “Kammloipe” - a paradise for cross-country skier
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