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08261 Schöneck
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Tourist-Info Schoeneck


With a town council's decision in 2002, Schöneck has started to develop into a Kneipp health resort. Ever since, further development Schöneck's is based on the health resort concept. Tourism and health care services have a long tradition and economical relevance in Schöneck. The goal is to build up health and health resort tourism as another economic mainstay. Still in the mid 90s, many health resorts had their main focus on rehabilitation achievements for patients in ambulant cure; this has changed now, as a result of drastic reforms in the health politics. The number of health insurance financed cures, will decrease even further in the future. Therefore it will be very important to Schöneck to adapt their health care services to the modern health tourist's needs and wishes. Schöneck has favourable preconditions to evolve into a Kneipp-health-resort successfully and to sustain the growing competition. The planning and first realizations assume that cure and tourism will not contradict each other in Schöneck. Furthermore offers are going to be complementary. This is will be achieved by the separate location of health resort area and tourism centre, for example.

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