Tourist-Info Schoeneck
Bauhofstraße 1
08261 Schöneck
Tel. 037464 330011
Fax 037464 330013
Tourist-Info Schoeneck


120km hiking paths, signposted with the internationally used line mark, guide you through the marvellous landscape surrounding Schöneck. From the viewpoint rock "Alter Söll" you will have an amazing view at all your travelling goals. Enjoy the wonderful view! Nearby,embedded in marvellous scenery, lie small romantic farming villages, which are easily accessible on footpaths through the forest.

The recreational area "Muldenquelle" offers pond scenery, rest benches, footpaths and a lodging hut, relaxation or activity.

To people who would like to document their achievements, we suggest acquiring the "Schönecker Wandernadel". According to the travelled kilometres, you can earn a badge in gold, silver or bronze.
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Titel: Hiking
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